Principal Policy Advisors (three roles)

London / York / Flexible

£66k  (+ £5k London weighting)



Thank you for your interest in these exciting new roles at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. I’m looking forward to meeting people who can see the enormous potential for our Policy & Ideas team, and who want to play their part in changing society for good.

These exciting – and unusual – new roles have been created to help us realise a new ambition: to lead and convene new thinking and ideas, drawing on a range of perspectives, in response to the deeper social and economic conditions on which poverty rests. They will achieve this through designing and leading programmes of work that build arguments, ideas and policies over time, via in-house analysis and thinking, including through connecting, convening and commissioning others, aiming to bring diverse perspectives into a creative dialogue.

Our ambition is to advance a positive prospectus for change, and to do so with a quality, creativity and relevance that means JRF is helping to shape the national conversation and exert influence at the highest levels. Sometimes this involves proposing reforms and improvement that could be acted on now; other times, our work will open up the case for more thorough going reinvention. Importantly, JRF’s work will seek to connect policy and ideas to opportunities and avenues for change - whether via advocacy, campaigns and mobilisation, or more practical partnerships, investments or experimentation.

It’s no exaggeration to say that for many of us, this will be the most important work of our career, and I look forward to welcoming you to the team.

Graeme Cooke
Director of Insight & Policy, JRF


Our position as an independent endowed foundation gives us an opportunity to invest in and nurture ideas generation, including through collaboration and partnership with others.

These content leadership roles offer the space, time and freedom for talented people to lead the generation of original policy & ideas work, including by connecting and convening diverse perspectives to confront the biggest social and economic challenges of our age.